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Big Yard Nation

Big Yard Nation is a Phoenix based collaborative and record label founded by Darryl Scotti, Alex Chacon and Aaron Howard empowering musicians, singers, songwriters, recording artists and record producers.

Scotti, Chacon and Howard along with their entire team are themselves experienced and committed musicians, songwriters and recording artists. Our mission is to amplify a community dedicated to creating original music by offering a platform they may otherwise not have.

“To be able to help artists develop their own music from the ground up and provide the support they need is our passion”… Darryl Scotti

From the first creative idea and professionally produced track to the Marketing, Publishing, Playlisting, Radio, Press and Social Media is always an arduous process and daunting task for most artists. We are committed to the highest level of ‘Artist First’ integrity with an attention to detail that often gets overlooked in the music and recording industry today.

Be sure to check out our Youtube channel, ‘TheYard’, to gain more perspective from our collaborators on their opinions and process philosophy for songwriting, musicianship and producing music.

"Music collaboration bridges the gaps between cultures, languages, and backgrounds, proving that when we create together, we amplify the beauty of diversity and unleash the true potential of human creativity."

The Artist is:

  • Totally Dedicated
  • Always Passionate
  • A Born Storyteller
  • Creative by Nature

The Artist is:

Totally Dedicated
Always Passionate
A Born Storyteller
Creative by Nature

Featured Artists

Big Yard

A collaboration between musicians and songwriters Darryl Scotti, Alex Chacon, and Aaron Howard producing modern music in a classic vibe.

Larry Antonino

Bassist. Composer. Actor.

Performer Larry Antonino is also chief engineer at Agoura Borealis Recording Studio in Los Angeles, CA.

Joey Gutos

Indie Artist. Songwriter. Musician. Environmentalist.

An Indie Rock artist from Tempe, Arizona who makes music for the lovers, adventurers and dreamers.

Alex Chacon

Producer. Videographer. Guitarist Extraordinaire.

A musical prodigy from Cave Creek, Arizona, whose soulful melodies and masterful guitar skills echo the legends.

Darryl Scotti

Singer. Songwriter. Recording Artist.

Big Yard’s founder, Darryl Scotti is an award winning songwriter who’s artistic career spans five decades.

Aaron Howard

Singer/Songwriter. Sound Engineer. Renaissance Man.

A touring songwriter and producer whose heartfelt melodies echo the human experience.

Bill Dutcher

Modern Acoustic Guitarist

When Bill Dutcher picks up an acoustic guitar, the music that fills the room cannot be branded with a simple sentence.

Chuck Hall

“Best Blues Guitarist” in Arizona

Chuck Hall has won the hearts and accolades of fans and critics throughout his electrifying Blues career, which now spans over five decades.

Duffy King

Guitarist. Singer. Songwriter. Composer. Producer.

Energetic, kinetic grooves, driving rhythms, searing, blistering leads, finesse and feel are words that have been used to describe Duffy’s style of guitar playing.

Eric Ramsey

Arizona Blues Hall Of Famer

Eric Ramsey is the Winner of the International Blues Challenge as well as the Memphis Cigar Box Guitar Award for the outstanding guitarist in the Solo/Duo Category.

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Raccoon Creek - Bill Dutcher

3 years ago

Played live at the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix, Arizona, July 17th, 2021. Lakewood M32 Custom tuned DADGAD. From the CD,...

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We are very excited to release the first segment with @duffykingmusic who is currently on tour with @johnlodgemusic ✨ check out the full segment on our  YouTube channel! ‼️🔥

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Darryl Scotti & Big Yards new single “Melody” is out now! Check out the full lyric video on YouTube, like subscribe and follow friends! 🙏✨

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We are very excited to get to chat with @duffykingmusic about his experience touring with @johnlodgemusic and his thoughts and perceptive on the music industry! Stay tuned! ✨🎸

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@curtiologist talks Spotify and what musicians need to do to adapt to the modern industry landscape. 🤔

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@bigyardartist single “Melody,” featuring @chuckhallmusic 🎸 and @jerrydonatosax🎷 is out now on all platforms! Be sure to check out our full lyric video on our YouTube channel! 🎥✨

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What do we all think of mastering plugins? What do you use to streamline your creation process? 🤔

Segment 3 with @curtiologist from @stemrecordingaz is out Today! ✨🔥✨

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